How retractable banner ad boost napkin product market share

Sophie sanitary napkins Why can beat the old brand reliable, good comfortable market share? This is the key to success, what magic?

“With Sophie, really good at ease!” This retractable banners ad slogans, female consumers will be able to fluently because from Jiao associated lay the night with tampons market, that is, 10 years ago, spokesperson Athena phrase then imprinted in the minds of consumers, market share rushed sanitary napkins market first.

We have to talk about Sophie’s success, mostly with sanitary napkins market from Sufi Wenzhawenda night talking about.

Many people may not know Sophie’s first-generation called “Sufeisuolei, because the brand name market several brands are words mainly, such as: good, comfortable, reliable, Lei Niya, etc., in order to highlight differences Jiao linked to the four-character name. However, perhaps because of the lengthy name difficult to remember, the next year after its launch in 1992, will simplify Sophie.

Jiao-linked advertising Headquarters Associate of high RAYSON to reporter said, when the two brands is good comfortable, reliable sit tight tampons top two, Sophie probably only four or five points. Sophie would “pocket Sophie” as brand appeal, this is also quite familiar with consumer stereo leakproof side predecessor.

Gao Wei-chen took out the the Nong Nong magazine 1992, opened Sophie Retractable Banner g+ One Group advertising, creative, in one sanitary napkins, middle rising two side, quite distinctive impression to consumers. Nevertheless, because of the leading brands to enter the market as early as then, the household napkin brand differences are not large, difficult to grab market share because of the demands of Sufi insight to another consumer demand-night use sanitary napkins.

Was not the night with a type, for example: Lei Niya there launch of 26 centimeters night use sanitary napkins However, because of the length is not enough, many consumers had time to use two or tampons back plus a stack of thick thick toilet paper. So the high RAYSON they suggested that the focus of the night with the type of market. But Japan was quite not assured that the household is the main market, so the launch night use tampons, do not spend too much budget, but also shooting TV commercials in Japan.

After the market reaction is beginning to pick up, Japanese companies still think, should return to daily-dominated, Sophie’s first spokesperson the – – Athena, they shoot stereo leakproof side to appeal to TV advertising, and immediately a hit. Shortly thereafter, in 1996, and again and again “with Sophie, really good rest assured that” 29 centimeters night use sanitary napkins retractable banners advertising, Athena Chu yoga in bed, rolling action, deeply rooted in the minds of consumers, successfully lay under the Sufi night a napkin with type.

The high RAYSON complement Brain.Com reporters with a smile, because the mainstream market is a daily, they “flank attack” night with a break one day.

1997, “Stretch personal market, the main non-woven material, hoping to break through to a good comfortable first of all R & D the PE material known in the industry at the time the advantages of” gold and silver flies “(referring to the gold, silver color packaging). Really, A (night use) plus B (non-woven series) dual strategy works, 2000, Sophie really sit on the throne of tampons first night with a sanitary napkin market share up to 50% a few, to divide up the amount of half of the market.

In addition to product strength and accurate consumer insight, Gao Wei-chen, spokesman for the utility is contributed. Sophie use Athena as spokesperson, and used it for nine years, shooting also allow consumers favorite and familiar “stretch close, dynamic Hutchison type retractable banner stand advertising, fresh image, there are still many people believe that Sophie and Athena mix, really clever. Sophie of each advertising are quite delicate, Gao Wei-chen said, they are taken from the script of the ad to the scene, the whole not absent, not sloppy advertisers.

Asked Sophie how such alternate tampons take the name of all of them are easy to remember and can clearly emphasize product features? The most important consumer insight, and insight in the development of the strategy and creative the high RAYSON said. This sounds too general, but high RAYSON went on to say, each brand are doing the same thing, but insight is not a market need, sometimes not necessarily. Sound insight seems to contain a little bit of luck and a down-to-earth.

Jiao linking Japan, whether it is products, retractable banners advertising and marketing, will do quite careful prior investigation and research. The high RAYSON said, like the artist Ariel shooting new products stretch close – – culmination dry “ads, the demands of the women’s menstrual period, sit down and then stand up action, so they often discomfort, so a” your day to sit down and stand up how much times? “hit the bottom of my heart needs of female consumers.

Sophie has consistently adopted by the Japanese packaging design, the last couple of years is from Taiwan instead developed its own design. Consumers should also found many tampons packaging a transparent “window” design, the purpose is to let consumers like ultra-thin sanitary napkins, look how thin.

The decisive battle of the path of consumer goods dealer, Sophie is also very carefully treated and communication, in addition to the path dealer clear that Sophie in the results on the market and found that the trend RAYSON also come up short Jiao associated 20 anniversary of the shooting, presented Jiao together through 20 years of the course, as well as mobilization of funny videos shot by the whole company, whether it is clothing, props, scenes and dialogue have been carefully designed to dealers understand Jiao associated corporate culture and development.

Many people say that the downturn affecting the smallest will be the Consumer supplies, Sophie, in the last year, there is still a slight growth, year-round marketing budget probably maintained at on billion.

Sophie difficult to surpass the market share of the night with a napkin, but to look at the overall brand share, there is still a lot of room to grow. Example: pad market competitive, but there are market opportunities. Sophie may balanced development of various types of sanitary napkins items, the first position is even more difficult to shake.