Innovative retractable banners help increase the real estate business

Farglory 70 million annual budget, combined with media advertising agency units, to happiness – Community upgrade “as the main, to take cross-industry, Hironobu testimony cooperation with community activities, retractable banners advertising, to build” close to the customer demand, enhance the value of the product, the establishment of corporate image quality brand, and bring new business opportunities.

The economic downturn, the real estate market is now being seriously challenged, not only the volume declined significantly, even Kanwu crowds disappeared continuous effect caused by the real estate industry have closed; the still bullet substantial layoffs, in order to spend the economy in the doldrums.

Can not sell real estate, real estate marketing, of course, is not good to do at this moment how to do real estate marketing, is a test of every real estate marketing staff. Farglory has always been treated as the real estate brand marketing in 2009 to more in-depth neighborhood community with happiness marketing, telephone marketing, retractable banner stands marketing, and other means of comprehensive, to sell real estate.

The Farglory Marketing Director Wu Jingchang reporter the Farglory marketing team under Brain Magazine reported in January 2009 trend observed from the needs of the market and found five phenomena.

Phenomenon: home economy bullish

Corporate layoffs, no pay leave unemployment, economic recession, many consumers Holiday reduce the look of the film, the number of times to go out all day at home watching a DVD, play online games, read comics, shopping online auction can be at home create economic benefits, the the 2009 bullish economic trends. Small traders in the past is a door-to-door Maidou Fu the Farglory depth neighborhood community, face-to-face contact with consumers.

Phenomenon: Group Buy

Consumer household items into groups from the individual consumer purchases, and therefore the amount of system price will get more concessions. Second, every consumer can be up to people, “eat Road phase” by word of mouth, so that the role of the consumer from pure dispersing cost considerations, converted for a more positive experience sharing Daren role. Farglory planning and supporting programs to provide preferential commodity.

Phenomenon: privileged marketing

So that customers get with exclusive services, or to grab the “unfair” initiative. Free queuing privilege is the primary service; queuing is the nightmare of many people, “Free queuing therefore become particularly attractive privileges. Private Secretary to the service privileges and personalized service privileges, so that consumers have a home away from home privileges marketing. The Farglory use cross-industry cooperation mode, given the neighborhood’s unique retractable banner promotions, to enjoy the privilege.

Phenomenon: The story touched

Seen from the Avenue of Stars, Super Idol talent show, in addition to build young people build their dreams stage, and depicts the course of the story of the contestants, moved the audience. Film Cape without big production without studded actress, touching story of little people, the same break one day. The Farglory combined experience in the use of the commodity, and to explore the neighborhood, touching story.

Phenomenon 5: memories of marketing is rammed

Time Story “spring flowers, autumn wind …” the song with the popular TV series story evokes the audience of fourth and fifth grade students, past young years to study it again. Farglory to oldies memories, links the customer a better experience of life, the memories evoke resonate through songs, stories and scenes such means.

By more than five major phenomenon Farglory regulations draw “Let our happiness local citizens and live in happiness together” marketing strategy:

Happiness – Community upgrade “as the main take cross-industry trade cooperation: Panasonic, Chunghwa Telecom and other joint channel development, combined with community activities, retractable banner stands advertising, joint Hironobu theme, a collection of media resources, common integration theme to create the largest media effectiveness; and the use of prime people testimony of charm, share a different user experience; interdisciplinary training in a variety of living solutions up to people, cooperation to enhance the brand professionals to build a “close to the customer needs, enhance the value of the product, the establishment of enterprises image quality brand.

Operating mode, while the use of the “three-pin” reach “space evolution, digital innovation, community and common prosperity”, two years: First, telemarketing, accounting for 15% of the performance this year to expand its outreach to increase the telemarketing database the maximum benefit. Second is the Internet marketing plays the role of business and consumers in the middle, to make up for the lack of communication; three pathways retractable banners marketing: combining community activities and co-operation “happiness” sales.