Summer lemon ice tea promotion with retractable banner stands

Want to feel cool and fun, take a trip to the beach! Nestle lemon tea in order to stimulate sales of summer, and the unique surfing in the sea, highlights cool impression. This both stylish and healthy sport, but also for the brand into the popular cool elements. What Nestle how to operate this retractable banner stand marketing campaign?

Mention Nestle lemon tea, should emerge in many consumers’ minds is retractable banners advertising in the sun, the beach, there would only odd appearance not Young’s one-eyed monster, as well as the products cool and refreshing impression!

In 2008, Nestle lemon tea to catch the surfing youth of ram, to lead the consumer into the actual beach, enjoy the cool products to highlight the advantages and the spirit of the brand, while stimulating the convenience store channel sales with retractable banner stand promotions. Continue reading “Summer lemon ice tea promotion with retractable banner stands”