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According to IDC (International Data Corporation) provides online game market report pointed out that, in 2007, the scale of US's online game market reached 289.9 one million U.S. dollars (about NT $ 900 billion New US dollars), representing a growth of 15.2% over the previous year, showing that US game industry driving the output value is growing year by year, to become a very important part in the digital content industry.

US, as one of the top three online game market in the Asia-Pacific region, the game industry to face the raging between China and South Korea, and how to find their own position and footsteps? The the seven heavyweight game industry - Gamania Funtown, Red Pepper, Wayi International, Game Amoy UserJoy Webzen, combined with Yahoo! Yahoo! organizing the inaugural 2008 Online Game Show ", to" Focus Community "concept, the use of online game trade show marketing.

Yahoo! Kimo media business unit vice president Jian-Ming Chen pointed out, the entity Game Show in the past, are consumers and game makers interactive best time, however, limited by time and space, limited the effective play of the game show. In view of Taipei during the auto show last year, Yahoo! also organize online auto show, visitors entity Motor Show three times, significant benefits. Then follow the same pattern, onto the Game Show Network, hoping to get broader benefits. Carried out from July 15 to date, the patronage has more than one million, three times early entities Game Show, is expected before the end of September 22, visitors will continue to grow.
"Community" concept, added to the online game marketing is a relatively new practice. The GigaMedia vice president of marketing and sales Lindong Hao said, according to the 80/20 rule, maintain existing customers and expand new customer base is more important than the past, "Funtown" Member Only increase further grading the Member will increase network precision marketing. Internet marketing for online games, can come into contact with the largest target groups, and the development of the gaming community, from the earliest role-playing game flourished during the 15-25 year-old users Deputy COO, Gamania US, Huang Weilun mainly casual games for the mainstream, can expand consumer favorite different game categories game ethnic segmentation becomes significant, the establishment of the "Focus groups" demand more.

Prepare your own trade show:
Jian-Ming Chen, Yahoo! Yahoo!, in addition to relying on the advantages of US's largest portal, organized the 2008 Online Game Show "to expand the pipeline of manufacturers and consumers direct contact also observed repeated playing of a similar nature to the users preference games; different game different players can create ethnic groups. When the game towards the development of different types, in addition to the existing players segmentation can also expand the favorite groups of related games.
2008 Online Game Show "into" Playhouse "," Theme Pavilion "," PK the goodies Museum "," Video Hall "and" Show Daily alley, games pavilion text and audio and video on a popular game features online demo. Theme Pavilion, is a combination of hardware vendors, introduce players with peripheral products, such as host, action game consoles. PK goodies Hall, by the major game manufacturers, promotional giveaways, so users A Guaranteed, etc., also increase the audio-visual and Alerts area, beautiful girl and held video game trials, to create the atmosphere of the real game show.
Gaming market in Asia, China, South Korea and US, the Three Kingdoms, competitive advantage, the development of China's most game manufacturers, fast imitate; Korea is good to the world as the focus of the market, increased overseas the Red Pepper financial long tour liter Chi investment, overseas profit ratio is relatively high, to US to take the segmentation strategy and business market, is the most important strategy in the future. Distinguish between different markets based on the different game types, game industry, initially role playing game (RPG, Role-playing game)-based, casual sports game for the past two years the nearest sports, music, contests and shooting mainstream to highlight the Community the players divided massed In view of this, the major game manufacturers, but also the development of multi-Focus to unite different game preferences as the main product strategy.
To Yahoo! Yahoo! observation gaming market in US a hundred schools of thought contend, Jian-Ming Chen pointed out that the industry, there are 11 games into the battlefield, in April, on the launch of 14 new games on the market, during the summer, and more up to 20 new games, game of between the battle was more brutal than the game itself. However, the online game network platform marketing products, in addition to the ethnic groups are very similar, Yahoo! Kimo's of all services and many with game-related, for example, knowledge + have more than 520,000 pen game related knowledge; auction platform, also have over nearly 80,000 pen game products, "game" related keywords, more often occupied Search List several rankings.
Jian-Ming Chen said, the 2008 Online Game Show in Yahoo! Yahoo! Games channel, like the Auto Channel, producers sponsored content partners and advertising revenue business model, and use of the business community Wretch network experience to help the game industry marketing, which increases Yahoo! Yahoo! game channel, the popularity of the game population, the introduction of million browse the crowd, and bring in revenue for Yahoo! Yahoo! is also a boon.