Learn how to promote your own online business with retractable banner

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Web 2.0 era provide an open network environment, while also lowering the threshold generated content, so a large number of Internet content in response, authored by the users themselves, "UGC" (User Generated Content) born, and become an important element of the universal media age, also change the physical world, the only star of goods in order to obtain substantially all concerned about the phenomenon.

In the Internet world, even if the minority media or website, can find their own niche, like the "long tail" of the long tail, elongated businesses can create profits, so that consumers have more than physical many choices. However, bloggers and businesses should allow consumers to find the information in the vast network the sea? There are some website tools can assist businesses with the station through statistical data, and a better understanding of their own website, to play maximum effective retractable banner marketing.

High precision retractable banner advertising

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Put in Internet advertising for advertisers, including two choices: portal and community website Focus. Portal to play a lot of exposure, the Focus community sites playing a particular ethnic group. Just whether to spend more thought planning media buying portfolio, limited retractable banner advertising budget can arrange media is relatively limited, allows the number of target populations to see, it seems only a matter of luck.

Assuming one day target populations in which the Web site, Internet advertising go also no longer need to devoting himself to planning media mix sound perfection, behavioral targeting advertising to do so.

Online yellow pages outweight retractable banner ads

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Yahoo has introduced the localization services, enhance the viscosity of the users of the platform, US Microsoft operating platform in the entrance, a relatively disadvantaged, but Microsoft headquarters of the world's strongest technical support good insurance, the advantage of of Microsoft US relying on the platform technology, take to find local partners to provide the content, but also progressively retractable banner ads localization.

Yesterday (8/26), Microsoft announced the launch of "Live Pages map service to find on membership Chunghwa Telecom's Yellow Pages, to provide US with Microsoft Maps in geochemical living information technology, MSN service, plus VoIP, highlights map advantages than the competitors more easily shared.
Launched the "Live Pages map," said Lin Yan, vice president of the Microsoft Online Services Business Group, Microsoft's global strategy, will provide more service life combined with the ground, better network experience, not just a technical platform only, but to provide the content.

Classified online ads use barter to increase sales

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Even eBay has to withdraw from some market, but its main operating classifieds website "odd Chichi Kijiji, from its inception in 2005, has attracted a lot of friends in the above free advertising through in places, life operators to become one of the largest classifieds site.

The recent global downturn, free classified ads network, to become one of the many consumers search cheap goods or cooperation opportunities pipeline, which, combined with environmental protection and waste utilization "barter network activity, also gradually both flourished, Kijiji will grasp hold "more for the larger, another big future activities, to invite a paperclip for house barter ancestor Kyle MacDonald appeared teach barter skills.
Two years ago, a lot of users in Taiwan became popular barter, which a lot of people by Kyle paperclip inspired other estates this've invited him to their own experiences, to share successful experiences Jiang Xin Yi, general manager of the odd Chichi Kijiji website and he had to use a paperclip change to Canada's house, on the odd Chi-Chi, Taiwan Kijiji website to exchange hoped to get more barter enthusiasts, to the platform on the activities involved in barter.

Training marketing talent with LEGO

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The late 1990s, the Internet industry is rapidly booming industry after the early 2000's bubble, so the loss of a lot of Internet marketing talent, began to flourish in recent years, the Internet industry, talent lean only from non-directly related industry winkle, increase training and running difficult. Even US's largest portal Yahoo! Kimo, also admitted that in looking for the right talent process, very hard, Yahoo!

The Kimo Human Resources senior manager Ke Zhiting said the network's lack of talent, you must be working to improve education in US, so Yahoo! Kimo from four years ago, held the Summer Intern Program Summer Internship Camp, an annual selection of the dozens of students interested in the Internet industry, training, and also to the various tertiary institutions in the industry-university cooperation, education in US the current lack of a fill up.
Face every year about two thousand students a summer internship application, Yahoo! The Kimo special emphasis on the application by two characteristics: know how to express themselves and learn experience. Kezhi Ting pointed out, resume and self-introduction to articulate individual characteristics, plus very.