How effective is retractable banners when even mom is going online

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General marketing strategies like those with retractable banners are often a myth, is the "Mom ethnic lifestyle is more traditional, even not associated with the" Internet ", but found in a recent survey report, the mother population is actually love the Internet, and network media moms information gathering and purchasing decisions, plays a very important role.
Mom ethnic characteristics

The period of time from the Internet point of view, most people usually intuition that mothers are usually busy with work and family, there is no time on the Internet. But in fact, the mother colony daily Internet use time average of 3.6 hours, and the majority concentrated in the evening from 9 to 12:00. Through the survey found that mothers in all kinds of supplies information collection and purchasing decisions play an important role. Elements that influence their purchasing decisions order of price, functionality and brand.
Therefore, if you exclude the factors of interpersonal communication sales staff to sell or close friends and relatives, many mothers like characteristics far and wide through the Internet, parity and product information gathering. In addition to all kinds of household goods, many moms choose their children's education courses through the Internet Information.
For Mom ethnic marketing

Understanding of the ethnic characteristics of the mother, and again observed the attitude of the mother populations of Internet advertising. The survey found that 60% Internet mother not only pay attention to retractable banner advertising message will actually go Hit; mother of two percent of Internet attention, but there is no point reading behavior. Internet marketing activities, 68% of the mother because the network promotions actual purchasing behavior, which can cause the most interest in the activities of mothers form of psychological tests, participation sweepstakes.
These data can help marketers mother ethnic Internet use behavior to learn more about, if you want to lock Mom ethnic sweepstakes, experience activities or activities in the form of psychological tests, to attract their attention, the choice in the period on, the evening is a priority.
Compared to network TV media communication range widely, but the target group is not clear enough, magazine circulation and limited consumer exposure, the marketing activities of the network, not only can both breadth and accuracy advantages, real-time interaction with consumers media properties, create marketing activities more often than expected results.
For example, the curious baby diapers raise one thousand trial is expected in two weeks time, on the Internet and on trial diapers will experience writing in a blog, result in active practice within two hours, we reached raising goal of one thousand, display the mother high level of interest and high participation of the ethnic groups of the network activity.
Internet media has both characteristics: breadth and accuracy of advertising and retractable banner marketing activities and achieving. As long as the correct analysis and strategy formulation, will be able in a short period of time over the network to find the most accurate target populations. Mother ethnic, not any one brand in the long-term and large investments in the network, which means that any brand in the Internet media, or has a fairly broad operating space on second-tier brands, is a rapid channeling good chance of starting, of course, the leading brand for the market not to be missed.