B2B retractable banner ad portal entering non-US market

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Was founded less than a decade, in mid-2007 revenue has already reached $ 284 million in Alibaba (Alibaba), announced on July 24 to set up branches in US and offices in North America, Switzerland, India, Japan, Hong Kong Alibaba After that, another new actively expanding stronghold. Along with a vast experience in international markets and member resources, Alibaba's presence, is bound to existing network media will bring no small threat.
Although Alibaba is positioned in a B2B e-commerce platform, but the network without borders, for both Internet media in US, such as B2C based Google has even crossing the harbor to the other shore, officially compete with Alibaba US B2B e-commerce, "as long as" will cause a certain degree of shadow want this B2B Internet retractable banner ad battlefield, back. Alibaba 2005 acquisition of Yahoo China, US Yahoo! Yahoo! is also the name of a "strategic partner", side by side with Alibaba cooperation to seize US B2B market.
Ali Baba "the world is not difficult to do business" for business purposes, the main lock transparent in providing SMEs a trading and supply and demand information platform, US's SMEs has to be one of the best in the Asian market, said David Wei, Alibaba CEO and director the vitality and competitiveness, but has always been the lack of a pipeline to link China and the world. But the outreach market demand is there, before Alibaba has not yet formally entered the US market, has more than forty thousand USese SMEs become Alibaba member, of which there are more than two thousand paying members. The main push in US, Britain, Day Trinity's platform, the Chinese platform with 25 million members, plus 5 million global buyers and sellers in the English platform, can help US's SMEs, business promotion to the Chinese and global markets .
Taobao, Alibaba Group Holdings non-executive directors pointed out TSUEI, world trade, the bigger, many small and medium enterprises in the past limited the size and visibility, even if there is a good product, and can not deal with the well-known enterprises. After the development of the Internet, the buyers and sellers to complete provide a platform to help trading contributed many want to develop the China market for SMEs, business information can be through the dissemination of China's largest trading network, more able leveraging the power. Alibaba investment C2C trading started "Taobao", on turnover of NT $ 400 billion business in the current year, which shows the huge business opportunities in the Chinese Internet market hidden.
US Business Association Secretary-General Wang Zhen Bao said that US's SMEs need opportunities, capital, talent and technology, expect Alibaba to expand the US market at the same time, be able to truly meet the needs of SMEs in US. USP pointed out that, according to the survey, more than half of US's SMEs face shrinking domestic market, the most important market of the future in China, US general manager Wu Xinhan kind of B2B business platform, contact with China and the world, in addition to providing US enterprises pipeline, also allows the advantages of US enterprises to display before the world. Table top retractable banner could also help you promote your business.
Alibaba's membership growth rate peaked in 2003, because that year by the impact of the spread of SARS epidemic, many Chinese businessmen face stagnant market operation, Quick on the Internet, inroads into the world of B2B e-commerce. At present, the world is under the effects of inflation, as if facing the SARS on the economy, how to reduce costs and expand into new markets, is to maintain the rule of corporate survival. In accounting for the overall corporate structure up to 98% of small business owners, tight domestic market, the development of export markets is an inevitable trend, however, the proportion of US's SMEs contribution to the output value of US's export trade, but only 18%, the relative SMEs in China contributed more than 60 percent of the export trade, is still much room for the growth of SMEs in US.
Alibaba took a fancy to the the US SME market, cut into the back-end of the supply and demand trading services from the business, but face the same goal US SMEs Yahoo! Yahoo! keyword advertising services, just two years to enter the US market, Google, perhaps, Alibaba B2B business platform pushed to the US market, not be regarded as the biggest threat. Alibaba's online shopping platform Taobao, electronic payment services, "Alipay" business management software service "Ali software", as well as Internet advertising trading platform Alibaba "platform, one after another push to US, armed with a huge global market resources, presumably will result in a major reshuffle of the existing network media market in US, then, even if it is a strategic alliance partner, probably will be no small impact, how to change the future remains to be seen.