Learn how to promote your own online business with retractable banner

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Web 2.0 era provide an open network environment, while also lowering the threshold generated content, so a large number of Internet content in response, authored by the users themselves, "UGC" (User Generated Content) born, and become an important element of the universal media age, also change the physical world, the only star of goods in order to obtain substantially all concerned about the phenomenon.

In the Internet world, even if the minority media or website, can find their own niche, like the "long tail" of the long tail, elongated businesses can create profits, so that consumers have more than physical many choices. However, bloggers and businesses should allow consumers to find the information in the vast network the sea? There are some website tools can assist businesses with the station through statistical data, and a better understanding of their own website, to play maximum effective retractable banner marketing.

Daily Web site traffic and visitor information for businesses and bloggers is one of the most important basic marketing basis. The daily flow data through statistical tools, businesses or bloggers is clear that the Web site is the most popular and the most deserted periods, and do a different operation. For example, businesses and bloggers use most deserted periods to do maintenance or modification of the site, in order to reduce the chances of visitors can not browse the website.

In addition, the daily flow data can also be used as the basis for testing the effectiveness of advertising and marketing activities of businesses and bloggers do not have to wait for your monthly advertising analysis, can immediately make the appropriate adjustments. In addition, detailed visitor information for businesses and bloggers to understand visitor source, age, residence time, not only to increase the security of the site, but also to do a site plan for visitor characteristics. You could consider to use double sided retractable banner in your next promotion.

Such as the "queen" of the super popular blog writer, found her source of visitors, mostly from other websites or other sources, such as bookmarks, favorites, such as the connection from the search engine, but only 3% in the use of statistical tools, This means that the majority of her readers from other sites concatenation, and the high rate of reflux is relatively small, but the number of new visitors. Bloggers can use popular keywords in the title of the article and more, you can increase the chance of being searched, to enhance the flow of new visitors.

Statistical tools can also analyze the location of the visitors, and to help businesses do marketing in localization. For example, once bit bloggers have people of daily traffic, but when he wanted to throw a party in Taichung, Hsinchu, was canceled because of the insufficient number of, until the use of statistical tools, he discovered It turns out most readers are concentrated in the greater Taipei area, which has become the basis of his activities in the future.

Before statistical tools, bloggers can only wait quietly reader door, and after statistical tools, bloggers or stores can more clearly mastered the use of the user's behavior and take the initiative, to develop appropriate marketing strategies, the benefits of the long tail unlimited extension.