High precision retractable banner advertising

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Put in Internet advertising for advertisers, including two choices: portal and community website Focus. Portal to play a lot of exposure, the Focus community sites playing a particular ethnic group. Just whether to spend more thought planning media buying portfolio, limited retractable banner advertising budget can arrange media is relatively limited, allows the number of target populations to see, it seems only a matter of luck.

Assuming one day target populations in which the Web site, Internet advertising go also no longer need to devoting himself to planning media mix sound perfection, behavioral targeting advertising to do so.
Mechanism to create cross-platform Union Addition advertising effectiveness

Kai Yik information CCMedia Group in 2008, the Group launched the "eCore BT behavioral targeting advertising, Kesheng Feng, chairman, said that they will be Alliance platform service system in a timely manner to fill the craving and curiosity US advertisers behavioral targeting advertising. In order to establish the breadth of the full range of media alliances platform Kai Yik information actively strive for a the indicators leading media in the Internet industry joined service mechanism for R & D and innovation, including video platform "I'm TV content channels," TVBS " game community platform the "gamebase game base, the Community recommended the platform" funP funP "and community platform" Map diary. "
In addition, the digital wall, iswii beauty dressing table, Xuite phone players BlogAD 3cm Shop, Secret Garden, Toys R Us and other media have joined BT put on the Union.
"Core BT behavioral targeted advertising, cross-platform Union mechanism has three characteristics:
1 to break the boundaries of media: BT behavioral targeting retractable banners advertising for all media to join the alliance partner users to share resources, users behavior database collected in the alliance platform increasingly wield. Advertisers, regardless of the target populations in which a platform can be accurate lock put appropriate Internet advertising, on the one hand will no longer need to bother thinking network budget allocation problems, on the other hand, also involving all target groups to identify the best potential consumers.
Snare put objects: BT behavioral targeting ad delivery object, including every users into the Alliance platform, Kai Yik information technology set users within the period of time for a particular attribute browsing frequency is not and advertising The main target groups set match, cross, once the possibility to determine the conditions are met, behavioral targeting advertising system will automatically meet friends released the needs of the advertising message delivery, so that supply and demand hit it off.
The breadth of interest in properties: BT behavior targeted retractable banner advertising screening the basis of the interest in property, from users browsing behavior data accumulated in the Union platform, cross-platform Union mechanism to cover more interest in property, the average weekly collection up on billion pen precise property data screening properties based running to find the most suitable object for advertisers.