Online yellow pages outweight retractable banner ads

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Yahoo has introduced the localization services, enhance the viscosity of the users of the platform, US Microsoft operating platform in the entrance, a relatively disadvantaged, but Microsoft headquarters of the world's strongest technical support good insurance, the advantage of of Microsoft US relying on the platform technology, take to find local partners to provide the content, but also progressively retractable banner ads localization.

Yesterday (8/26), Microsoft announced the launch of "Live Pages map service to find on membership Chunghwa Telecom's Yellow Pages, to provide US with Microsoft Maps in geochemical living information technology, MSN service, plus VoIP, highlights map advantages than the competitors more easily shared.
Launched the "Live Pages map," said Lin Yan, vice president of the Microsoft Online Services Business Group, Microsoft's global strategy, will provide more service life combined with the ground, better network experience, not just a technical platform only, but to provide the content.

China Yellow Pages local business in US, covering US food, clothing, housing, transportation and recreation business information, it is a very suitable partner in the Microsoft US maps and instant messaging technology, integration of existing database content "hiPage" in Chinese Yellow Pages, We look forward to achieve the competitive advantage of software plus services.
Special invitation from the U.S. headquarters of Microsoft in order to highlight the advantages of Microsoft Map technically, senior director of the Global Virtual Earth and Local Search Division Tao Chuang, come to share the technical progress of the map of the United States, Microsoft. The Tao Chuang was born in Shanghai, China, to participate to create a new Microsoft Virtual Earth 2D and 3D technology platform proposed concepts, techniques, and for-profit mode.

For example, how to map technology use in social media (virtual Earth), infotainment (infotainment) and virtual life (virtual life). The Tao Chuang pointed out, and unidirectional Google Earth, Microsoft integrated 2D and 3D virtual experience can only see the plane aerial photographs from the past, and now you can see the appearance of a building or even the internal configuration of the user The search online map, immersive experience is very important.
Tao Chuang believes that the early development of the retractable banner, generally considered to break the boundaries of the entity, but according to the survey of the status of the scope of human activities, is still gradually concentrated to the trend of the big cities, the consumer range of no more than 20 minutes' drive search behavior performance, but also more than without the local information.

So, let the network platform combined with lifestyle information is very important cooperation. Microsoft technology has penetrated into the daily lives of the general public, for example, Windows, Office and MSN, from work to life. At present, the most important is the information of life in the region, adding Microsoft technology, allows users to feel closer. Over 8 million MSN users in US, the "Live Pages map can be shared on MSN, instant messaging, the two sides may also see maps, more convenient discussion.
China Yellow Pages, mainly to serve the SME ads original end of last year, once large-scale revision was just paper Yellow Pages E database platform to increase keyword, phone number search service, and with the phone, MSN cooperation the expanding media use platform scope of this cooperation with Microsoft US, China Yellow Pages listing accumulated more than 800,000 records, and more than 2000 kinds of classification should be the most complete listing of US Chinese Yellow Pages, chairman Xie Junming library, strengthened through technical cooperation with Microsoft US, the convenience of the service.
China Yellow Pages how to divide the existing "hiPage" and "Live Pages map" market it? Xie Junming said, the difference between the two is that "Live Pages map service to bias consumers, than to belong to B2C interface," hiPage "more B2B and other businesses to match users. By virtue of past business Yellow Pages advantage, China Yellow Pages you want to reach more consumers to the attention of China's Yellow Pages information through the cooperation with Microsoft US, as well as a broader lifestyle information market. China Yellow Pages main income in addition to the stores take the initiative to publish the information costs, discover more unique stores, provide different forms of cooperation and advertising, but also the future development of the block will continue to operate through the business team.
However, US has not the introduction of Microsoft's proud of 2D and 3D map technology, Live Pages map search, strictly speaking, and Yahoo! Kimo Life + platforms such other map platforms, information content is not much difference. The biggest advantage is that the the hiPage database of more than ten thousand advertisers, providing businesses pay consumers free Internet phone, can be found in the information, immediately contact the merchant; addition, in conjunction with MSN media exposure to the majority of MSN users, easy to increase message exposure and marketing operations. However, Yahoo! Kimo, through Knowledge + life + the cumulative operating life information platform, users tenacious, highly interactive, competitiveness can not be underestimated, and the future lifestyle information market competition, will be how the development remains to be seen.