Classified online ads use barter to increase sales

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Even eBay has to withdraw from some market, but its main operating classifieds website "odd Chichi Kijiji, from its inception in 2005, has attracted a lot of friends in the above free advertising through in places, life operators to become one of the largest classifieds site.

The recent global downturn, free classified ads network, to become one of the many consumers search cheap goods or cooperation opportunities pipeline, which, combined with environmental protection and waste utilization "barter network activity, also gradually both flourished, Kijiji will grasp hold "more for the larger, another big future activities, to invite a paperclip for house barter ancestor Kyle MacDonald appeared teach barter skills.
Two years ago, a lot of users in Taiwan became popular barter, which a lot of people by Kyle paperclip inspired other estates this've invited him to their own experiences, to share successful experiences Jiang Xin Yi, general manager of the odd Chichi Kijiji website and he had to use a paperclip change to Canada's house, on the odd Chi-Chi, Taiwan Kijiji website to exchange hoped to get more barter enthusiasts, to the platform on the activities involved in barter.

Kyle first came to the first exchange, barter and participate in seminars is to take his one-hour speech, the people, the exchange of "bag", raising a total of one hundred bags, donated to Zhen love the angel child less off also Association, referred to the children of low-income families in southern Taiwan.
Kyle said, barter is a simple, but do not have to spend money transactions. Three years ago, Kyle is just an ordinary unemployed youth, but the mechanism of the flow of information through the network platform, set ourselves the next game rules: only with barter, towards the exchange to bigger and better things goal through 14 exchange, with a humble paperclip change to the one in Canada Kipling house.
Kyle barter plan is not silent in the network, but each exchange, he would write out the story, so concerned about the barter plan, you can follow along with the pace of barter, like watching soap operas general climaxes. Each transaction, he will meet with each other and took photos as evidence, even fixed wear the same shirt, the details of the plan, like a cinematic spectacular. Finally, Kyle successful change to the house, superb skills of barter and barter process of ups and downs, he instantly became a media darling, has received international media coverage of CNN, ABC, The New York Times.
Chiang Hsing-odd Chi-Chi, Taiwan Kijiji website, about as many as 50,000 items are waiting transactions friends populations, the sentimental, pink-collar family, students and otaku four ethnic, very enthusiastic about the use of barter, make full use of resources, cut expenditure and also can achieve the effect of anti-inflation. Odd the Chichi Kijiji website, also arranged for these groups to come up with the most "Taiwan flavor items, exchange and Kyle mom friends come up with pineapple cake, pink-collar family friends city to come up with" Walking Into "essential" Wandering card, student groups took Taiwan travel books to exchange with him, otaku friends come up with the most Taiwan Taike package and drag the blue and white "style exchange with Kyle.
Odd Chichi Kijiji observed, the previous users barter motivation, waste utilization, the fun interesting or want to make friends, and now consumers more to cherish resources, save money or to do public service in exchange. Jiang Xin Yi said, according to statistics, users every barter, you can save a few hundred dollars, several exchange down to save thousands of dollars is not a problem. Saving trend prevalent, also made a number of odd Chichi Kijiji site exchange items, compared with the year-on-year growth of 72%. Past odd Chichi Kijiji hosted many of the "New Year's Eve meal exchange", "expertise exchange activities, future, intends to comply with the needs of consumers and users, introduced reference book exchange in the opening quarter, Christmas called on gift exchange, or every The annual feast held occasional food exchange, and so on, with the network platform to achieve the best use of vision.
Conform to the trend of savings, free classified ads website published, through popular barter activities, let the odd Chichi Kijiji advantage of the website features clearer. Interface not designed, but the traditional bazaar-like treasure hunt fun, future, odd Chichi Kijiji whether out of their own way to become franchise barter Features website, and the crowd convert odd Chichi Kijiji website Banner advertising revenue to reach breakeven target as soon as possible, perhaps, save consumers money unabated demand conditions through barter introduced the crowd to look forward to the development potential.