How Yahoo use 4 features to acquire billions of retractable banner advertising revenue

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Newspaper era of prosperity in the past, classified ads almost can be said is the bulk of newspaper advertising revenue in the United States, classified ad revenue, and may even account for four percent of the newspaper's advertising revenue, the size of the market should not be underestimated.

With the development of the Internet, the traditional non-class advertising caused a great deal of impact, the Newspaper Association of America last year's statistics, not surprisingly, the United States overall newspaper advertising continued to decline, which went classifieds frustrated deepest decline was even exceed the growth rate of Internet advertising, showing the transfer of classified ads to the speed of the network platform, higher than other types of advertising like retractable banner stands, Internet information search characteristics.

Online shopping mall growth making auction obsolete

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Yahoo! Gu Changxin, Yahoo! e-commerce services division vice president, said, "auction" initial auction mechanism to attract consumers, but the auction in consumer behavior can be observed, with 60 percent of consumers will choose to skip the bidding process, to take direct purchase This is one of the causes of the introduction of super-mall. See a shift in consumer behavior online shopping platform, not only Yahoo!

Yahoo! one, have withdrawn from the US market, eBay abroad is still online auction giant, constantly losing the recent lawsuit unbearable seller trafficking in counterfeit goods, positive change in the business model, type of bid from the thrift into a new straight shopping, online shopping market matures, quite replace the physical retail trends. However, Gu Changxin bid auction "is still very suitable for certain categories of goods, sales channel. Commemorative goods, for example, or a small number, but a lot of people interested in the goods, and are suitable for use auction platform.

How superstore plan the retractable banner promotion to rescue a losing business

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In addition to the oil price increases, the public money at the level of these impacts a wide range of issues, consumer news has always been difficult to attack and occupy the front pages of newspapers; especially if there is no backing of well-known the spokesperson or large rally activities, retractable banners promotional activities can occur in previous versions necessary lucky.
First move faster: Xianpao, first win

Marketing superstore business before first understand a few test:

1. Hypermarket sales of more than 30,000 kinds of items, not like general brand advertising, as long as the hit single ethnic group, a single commodity, marketing is not easy to focus.
2 the superstore channel marketing or less the same, the price war, only some of the goods dominant.
3 hypermarkets want to serve to win, only to hit home delivery buy expensive refund the difference, buy the wrong return, if you want to increase water and electricity, telecommunications fee collection service, the number of stores without and supermarkets, it is not convenient enough for consumers.
Discount promotions schedule more, the Lunar New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Ghost, the Mid-Autumn Festival a file access a file, this year's marketing to do good, the opponent may be told on next year. Subject to the above limitations, discount pathways rely on retractable banner stands marketing to lift their own position on the rivers and lakes, it is not easy.
Since each hypermarket types of goods is not far, price, service can provide almost stand on the same footing, who should start, naturally have a greater chance to win the game. Previous years Darunfa anniversary in November in October, Carrefour, Geant December, the initial idea is everyone making money, we take turns to make. " 2006 served as the marketing planning manager Darunfa Wang Tongfang decided to break the deadlock, one month in advance of the anniversary of the RT-Mart. Anniversary time to mobilize, RT-Mart and Carrefour in October confrontation, the focus of public opinion becomes "two kings duel began in December anniversary love to buy, only watched himself being marginalized.