Mobile phone marketing is the next big thing since retractable banner stand

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If you want three days away from home and belongings with only three things in the list, which items you will bring? Wallet, cigarettes, cosmetic bag, mobile phone?  An interesting insight into the consumer behavior

Because the phone generally become in modern life "a living tool, Mobile Marketing (Mobile Marketing) is also gaining the attention of the market. However, in the US market, the general impression is "Offer newsletter equal to advertise", "daily received a bunch of irrelevant and their own SMS advertising," like a lot of fraud Group SMS deceptive "negative thoughts. From these impressions, SMS advertising content attractive, but it suffers from the impact of the fraud syndicate, we worry about being cheated, it will not take further response.
Relevance or not? Is the main reason for consumers to pay attention to the content of SMS advertising from consumers familiar with the family and friends sent a text message to be the recipient concerned about the opportunity to increase immediately. This interesting consumer insights, in Santiago, Chile, there is a "direct communication" mobile marketing to back customers to create more business opportunities than retractable banner stand.

According to the local carriers ENTEL PCS database analysis to hold than the older form of mobile phone customers, and easily loss in the 12 to 18 month period to join its telecommunications door number service for any reason. Common activities tied about a new mobile phone "in order to consolidate the loyalty of this group of customers, also considered to be the use of just what to do to make this common marketing practices, to effectively penetrate the target populations, achieve the sales target? This creative fun comes from, and if one day your phone could speak to you? Inseparable with you, from morning till evening devices obviously have feelings, and if one day it can talk to you, you should'd like to hear and see!

The database filter out consumers, first received a text message sender claiming your cell phone: "Hi! Your mobile phone, just want to tell you about is the time to find a new partner, because I'm tired ... would like to retire Do not call me back, and soon you will receive my letter, received after this will be our last communication do this for both of us good you be retired phone Sincerely "
Conversation with the holders of the phone with anthropomorphic tone, most people believe this approach will be a breakthrough "had nothing to do psychological defense next target populations such as newsletter content prompted SMS advertising, and then received a" resignation the letter. " Also included a Wen Qing and Mao opening letter of their own selfish, a long time, because of the restrictions on their ability, can not allow the owner to enjoy a more innovative technology to bring convenience and fun to master Frankly it.
Last heartily recommend the owner, it is time for a change to a new partner. Of course, the last also attach a fine novice models recorded, prompting consumers to heart, then consider replacing the new phone, this wave of direct communication activities for customers in the local successful creation of the mobile phone replacement rate of 33%.
SMS, email in general, because the operating convenience is widely used in marketing, a degree of information recipients turned into a disaster. Face over this information, consumers last counterattack is deliberately ignored, or even possible boycott. E-mail spam filter blacklist settings, the phone calls do not want to be advertising interrupted-demand pay-TV programs. Modern purchasing "Declined information" amount, maybe comparable and manufacturers put advertising money on retractable banner stand.
Therefore, when using SMS for mobile marketing tools, you should not just "advertising message into text, to find a list sent out" like to be more in line with the consumer living habits or to create the best user experience, talents and goals The object depth dialogue effect.
Brand into the consumer's address book

Held the the US phone to his country roaming experience, the average person is no stranger to the poor experience everywhere. Got off the plane, carrying size pieces of luggage. Think the phone should boot, because after the shutdown of flight time, and maybe some important but fumbled the phone SMS. Boot, newsletters pass after a pass, but had not wanted to see all the roaming operator advertising kind victorious with their feelings.
As for how to do mobile marketing, it is in the living habits of consumers? Think about it, when we met new friends, and also want to tell each other to keep in touch, you will how to do ...... enter each other's phone number contacts?
Clever marketing people, perhaps the issues to think about how our brands to join the consumer phone contacts, not just to send a few through a text message to consumers fishes. (Jane his credentials as the Chief Operating Officer of Y & R and Wunderman, Young & Rubicam Wunderman advertising)
Note 1: The investigation revealed that it is a larger business opportunities than traditional retractable banners promotion

Modern cell phone addiction

Mobile phone number of door number to estimate the penetration rate of mobile phones per person in the US market at least has a mobile phone. For a particular ethnic group, or even a phone addiction.
According to Staffordshire University, UK psychologist Dr David Sheffield in 2006, at the annual meeting of the British Psychological Society, Health, research shows: for 18-25 year-olds, the survey found that 90% of young people, regardless of where will carry a cell phone; more extreme phenomenon is 7% of the respondents said they prefer to lose their jobs or friends, do not want to throw the phone.
The study pointed out that when young people can not use the phone, every seven people, one person will become afraid, irritable, restless; forced them to temporarily disable the phone, although only three days, actually appeared depressed, unhappy, emotional frustration, further lower blood pressure, even the life of normal behavior on reduced; similar to about 1/6 (17.5%) of the symptoms of people with gambling addiction.