Future marketing star retractable banner creative contest

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When each college and university graduates could not find work at the same time, major companies fret not find good talent, what marketing job market, long-term supply and demand imbalances problem, how to solve? What can the pipeline allows the students to show their talent for enterprises no longer missed potential talent?
Organized by the US Association of National Advertisers, and Creative Strategies and co-campus contest in lively debut in March, providing students the opportunity to understand the operation of the enterprise marketing practices.

Theme of the contest and the city of the past strategy proposal related to the retractable banner stand marketing of the country since last year, the theme of the competition is to return to the brand management and operation, with members of the US Association of National Advertisers and invite to join the festivities. Enroll vendors this year include Laurel, Swire Coca-Cola, Daikin air conditioning as well as light springs.
In order for students to be able to understand how to think about branding operation, the organizers invited on March 28 the four manufacturers clusters brains small theater, various manufacturers come up with what brand students thoughts creative to interested students. Secretary General of the Association of National Advertisers, president Wang Caiyun presided explain that advertisers need a good talent, but most of the students, but because of lack of effort, can not find enter the doorway of the corporate marketing department. Therefore, the Association of National Advertisers hoping to play a role convergence of supply and demand, on the one hand, to enable students to experience marketing practices, on the other hand, advertisers also have the opportunity to explore the potential talent election chant excellent creative marketing labor market.
To see what kind of problems, the major manufacturers lost to the future of the brand manipulator who? The laureate how to sell star pasta commodities? The living plants Shuisen bottles and how deeply rooted? Who says only air cleaner to allergic consumers? The refrigerated Valley milk how to spend the winter sales season test?
Laurel pasta ascribed market share?

Laurel launched the "easy life" microwave food series in 2003, the results of rapid growth, has 16% of the total revenue and annual results also continue to grow by 3-5%. The "easy life" spaghetti star Laurel microwave food commodities, competitive channel market, brisk performance.
Laurel this year will launch two new flavors of microwave pasta, the continuation Laurel pasta exotic style, developing tastes of Thai hot and sour cuttlefish and Sichuan spicy sausage. Laurel Marketing Specialist Chia? Remind contestants, Laurel's new brand strategy, in addition to promote a new, also hope to increase the market share of the full range of goods. Therefore, not only is the advertising, planning should also contain the access business. Buy cheap retractable banner to promote your business.
Laurel Marketing Specialist Tsai Chia-Wen

The new concept of water Mori live, how to move people?

Its brands Coca-Cola contains carbonated drinks, tea, and juice US is also actively enter the bottled water market in 2010. The face of the old brand Taishan unified and market share, Coca-Cola Shuisen live "how to highlight the brand differentiation to attract consumers attention?
Water Sen live brand positioning for "Broadwood advocates, in response to the trend of environmental protection, to bottle adopted light flask design, torsion good recovery. The 2011 launch of the first tank plant bottle, bottle of 30% of the raw material extracted from the plant, and also invited idols Ni Andong endorsement, hoping to persuade consumers to agree to his fresh image, live the philosophy Shuisen.
Ingrid Chen stressed that the concept of environmental protection of the plant bottle presented to emotional appeals, so that consumers not only understand but also agree that the plant bottles, water Mori live brand strategy aims, brand manager for Shuisen live.

Water the Mori live marketing manager Ingrid Chen

New segments of the air cleaner in the Which?

Air cleaner market, the main customer base of more than 70,000 consumers from households, most of the purchase reason members suffering from respiratory diseases, or pets in the home, so that it can purchase pure demand. While Daikin how to promote the advantages of the air cleaner, to convince the average consumer to buy?
Priced slightly higher than the market Daikin air conditioning easy to see, easy-to-use design, loved by consumers. Daikin air cleaner, will launch new models this year, the flagship multifunction product advantages, such as pollen mode, mute priority mode. Past, Daikin advertising, mainly targeting respiratory disease patients families, consumers told humorous presentation techniques can improve one air cleaner, home air condition, reduce respiratory discomfort situation.
Daikin marketing planning Li Chengyun Daikin hope to be able to promote air cleaner to each family, the brand's new strategy to attract customers never use air cleaner, believe that we can enhance product sales rate. In addition, Li Chengyun also said home appliance products in addition to advertising, the more reliable is word of mouth marketing, it is proposed participants, think about how to develop an advocacy strategy to maximize the effect of the word-of-mouth publicity.
Daikin marketing planning Li Chengyun

Latecomer brand, how one to incur wins?

The most recent year, walked into the convenience store can be found Ling Lang everywhere Valley milk drinks filled shelves, Taste of Love in 2008, the first to develop a pure concentrated oat brand, started the gunfire of the the valley milk market battle. Quaker also follow-up in 2009, he moved from the brewed beverage refrigeration market. Light spring started selling milk, relatively late to enter the market, but the ability to rely on extraordinary strategy to become the tortoise and the hare, come from behind winner?
The light springs marketing manager Chenying Tong, light milk plant spring series flagship health image, the slogan of "natural vitality on retractable banner stands, hope can be a good image of the past the KuangQuan milk, continuing to the brand of the milk plant. In addition, Chen Yingtong also expect contestants to design new packaging in the form of milk plant. The pathway the visible plants Valley milk, packed in PET bottle refrigerated once to the cold winter, the cold of Valley milk sales rate will be straight out. Able to develop a new packaging, to allow consumers to be able Valley milk is heated, presumably able to solve the problem of the winter low sales rate, performance and peak seasons.