How Yahoo use 4 features to acquire billions of retractable banner advertising revenue

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Newspaper era of prosperity in the past, classified ads almost can be said is the bulk of newspaper advertising revenue in the United States, classified ad revenue, and may even account for four percent of the newspaper's advertising revenue, the size of the market should not be underestimated.

With the development of the Internet, the traditional non-class advertising caused a great deal of impact, the Newspaper Association of America last year's statistics, not surprisingly, the United States overall newspaper advertising continued to decline, which went classifieds frustrated deepest decline was even exceed the growth rate of Internet advertising, showing the transfer of classified ads to the speed of the network platform, higher than other types of advertising like retractable banner stands, Internet information search characteristics.
The face of the network platform mushroomed establish free classifieds, the global newspaper classifieds business, are severely affected, especially classified ads largest personnel recruitment, realtors, car sale classifieds website the most serious. US classifieds market estimated 15 billion New US dollars Apart from 104,1111 Human Resources website, have moved into the market eating, but also start to appear Kijiji free classifieds, Let Every bottomed newspaper classifieds, and more worse.

And the newspaper certainly do not want to hear US's largest portal, Yahoo! The Kimo should enter the message classifieds. However, yesterday (8/14) Yahoo! Kimo Auction announced formally enter the retractable banner advertising market, mainly to assist Yahoo! Yahoo! auction users to add more exposure, in addition to physical goods, auction content can extend expanded to "service" class products.
Yahoo! Gu Changxin, Yahoo! e-commerce services division vice president, said that by the downturn, many consumers will be more cautious selection of merchandise, usually the Internet search, hoping to find the cheaper cost of goods and services. In the high prices between January 5-7, Yahoo! Kimo auction classifieds visits, a growth of 20%, more than one million people visit every month. Therefore, very optimistic about the the classifieds market's growth potential, Yahoo! Yahoo! classifieds further auction Home the zone function new revision, expected in 2009 classified ad visits to enhance the growth of 50%, to repeat published monthly visitors reach the annual target of 1.5 million. On Yahoo! Kimo Auction month 7000000 repeat visits state does not seem hard to reach the target zones classified ads.
Gu Changxin mature along with the development of electronic commerce, the racquet in addition to selling physical goods, even service Internet auction, for example, the bride secretarial, nail painting or refresher tutorial services in Yahoo! Yahoo! Auction publication grow 20% every year. With personal service auction trend, Yahoo! Yahoo! to provide classifieds platform for personal services, income can become. And how to achieve this goal? Yahoo! Kimo to operate classifieds, relying on is the four characteristics of the platform, popularity, interactive, hand advice and functional design, the current Yahoo! Kimo's auction platform, browser popularity and transaction active degrees are good, hope classifieds able to extend the popularity; existing platform design and the use of auction, with Q & A Zone "," I ", so on an ad viewers interested, you can direct Internet contact, higher than that in the general classification interactive platform.
Services platform set object, Gu Changxin said, that can be suitable with skills the "SOHO tribe" have the personal expertise or willing to provide the service of the "moonlighting family", and who want to both auction and expand market "business e-family. " In addition, according to the keyword rankings in the first half, "renting", "used car" and so on before entering the clickthrough rate 10 popular tourist keyword, from traveling abroad, to domestic tourism, seen these commodities popularity. Therefore, the four categories of classified ads, it mainly to "travel", "Business services and car and locomotive" and "real estate". Different places with others such as Kijiji and other classified platforms Yahoo! The Yahoo! classifieds mining free services, will be published by charge a the posting fee ranging from a few hundred dollars.
And Yahoo! Yahoo! along with a huge network resources, enter the retractable banner ad market, affected not only the print media, and reinvestment network platform, classifieds platform for many professional, but also can not be underestimated competitors. Currently, Yahoo! Kimo development only to tourism, services, industry and commerce, the steam locomotive and real estate category, but talent hiring "classifieds business opportunities, Yahoo! Yahoo! does not invisible, whether the future likely will expand into the business of talent recruitment platform directly pose a threat to the current well-known job bank website worth watching.