Online shopping mall growth making auction obsolete

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Yahoo! Gu Changxin, Yahoo! e-commerce services division vice president, said, "auction" initial auction mechanism to attract consumers, but the auction in consumer behavior can be observed, with 60 percent of consumers will choose to skip the bidding process, to take direct purchase This is one of the causes of the introduction of super-mall. See a shift in consumer behavior online shopping platform, not only Yahoo!

Yahoo! one, have withdrawn from the US market, eBay abroad is still online auction giant, constantly losing the recent lawsuit unbearable seller trafficking in counterfeit goods, positive change in the business model, type of bid from the thrift into a new straight shopping, online shopping market matures, quite replace the physical retail trends. However, Gu Changxin bid auction "is still very suitable for certain categories of goods, sales channel. Commemorative goods, for example, or a small number, but a lot of people interested in the goods, and are suitable for use auction platform.
Yahoo! Kimo "super mall", and how to highlight different with both platforms and competitors? Gu Changxin S ‧ T ‧ A ‧ R "e-commerce innovation model, super mall features. The so-called "S ‧ T ‧ A ‧ R", is the better service (Service) more crowds (Traffic), more convenient shopping process (Accessibility) and more trusted security mechanisms (Reliability), is different from the industry the existing C2C (consumer to consumer) and B2C (business to consumer) model. And prior to the auction seller distributed operating "super mall" unified shopping cart mechanism, the buyer can be combined billing, enjoy shopping discounts; seller orders compiled a more complete background mechanisms, and even join Wretch video service layout, credit card installments cash flow mechanism, individual seller can not provide the service.
But the seller to use the platform resources, but also on behalf of the have to pay the additional costs, Gu Changxin pointed out, the "super mall" is the main source of revenue, from businesses shop costs 15,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan the shops monthly fee per month, as well as the basis different product categories, charge transaction fees ranging from 2.5% to 5%; addition, there are paid advertising mechanisms, so that businesses choose to use retractable banners.
The traffic network platform, almost decided the effectiveness of how the crowds to the introduction of the new platform? Yahoo! Yahoo! e-commerce services division, category management manager Chen Jie pointed out that existing auction platform single month more than 7 million visitors a "super mall" important resources and combined auction Home and station, resources, help started Mall fame. In the shopping process and part of the security mechanisms, auction consumption concerns into account. For example, the hope installment, checkout and integration platform transaction by Yahoo! Yahoo! received payment, and to protect the seven-day return period, so that the consumer safer.
And existing Yahoo! Yahoo! auction, shopping and shopping through market segmentation, Gu Changxin pointed out, the auction platform to continue positioning in the treasure hunt, interesting; while the shopping center as a department store, consumers see the brand on the retractable banner stand, rather than the individual channel brand; "super mall" is based on build channel brand for the purpose of the businesses of the significant features. Each other have different patterns and differences between the sellers to choose the path of applicable. Shopper, Yahoo! does not directly belong to Kimo, less internal competition.
US's online shopping market, already shop number PChome shopping street nearly 5000, more than 300 Rakuten Ichiba shop platform, the face of competition, Gu Changxin that the Mall of sellers, these platforms function surface may not be , but the focus is "efficiency"; that is able to make the businesses where the real money, the crowds still critical. Operational goals set for the "super mall" before the end of this year, the numbers of stores to more than 300 commodities the number of goals is 5-100000, have sufficient scale.
Expected "super mall" line on September 25, the first wave of recruits is locked on the auction platform, business registration, registration or tax registration professional sellers and carve uniform invoices protection businesses to provide quality services and goods , and will continue to be held in US investment activities. Propaganda, in addition to mid-November, will be in the auction home page, set up mall separate entrance, will be reduced from Yahoo! Kimo exposed with a full stop, television advertising and other promotional, is to build the US Internet consumers are aware of the new platform. While Yahoo! Yahoo! traffic and visibility, launched the "super mall" in an attempt to more Internet retail channel development, I believe that other competing platforms are clear, the future will have a hard battle to fight.