How superstore plan the retractable banner promotion to rescue a losing business

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In addition to the oil price increases, the public money at the level of these impacts a wide range of issues, consumer news has always been difficult to attack and occupy the front pages of newspapers; especially if there is no backing of well-known the spokesperson or large rally activities, retractable banners promotional activities can occur in previous versions necessary lucky.
First move faster: Xianpao, first win

Marketing superstore business before first understand a few test:

1. Hypermarket sales of more than 30,000 kinds of items, not like general brand advertising, as long as the hit single ethnic group, a single commodity, marketing is not easy to focus.
2 the superstore channel marketing or less the same, the price war, only some of the goods dominant.
3 hypermarkets want to serve to win, only to hit home delivery buy expensive refund the difference, buy the wrong return, if you want to increase water and electricity, telecommunications fee collection service, the number of stores without and supermarkets, it is not convenient enough for consumers.
Discount promotions schedule more, the Lunar New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Ghost, the Mid-Autumn Festival a file access a file, this year's marketing to do good, the opponent may be told on next year. Subject to the above limitations, discount pathways rely on retractable banner stands marketing to lift their own position on the rivers and lakes, it is not easy.
Since each hypermarket types of goods is not far, price, service can provide almost stand on the same footing, who should start, naturally have a greater chance to win the game. Previous years Darunfa anniversary in November in October, Carrefour, Geant December, the initial idea is everyone making money, we take turns to make. " 2006 served as the marketing planning manager Darunfa Wang Tongfang decided to break the deadlock, one month in advance of the anniversary of the RT-Mart. Anniversary time to mobilize, RT-Mart and Carrefour in October confrontation, the focus of public opinion becomes "two kings duel began in December anniversary love to buy, only watched himself being marginalized.
Discount stores are a little difference, who first launched promotions, will be able to attract the crowds to grab media exposure. Factors of success is very simple, is to grab fast: because the media reported the anniversary of the discount stores, will pick the earliest race begins to report, on the one hand, the topic of enough early to determine, on the other hand the schedule, commodity, theme, feedback Waldo The coverage is also clear and specific.
Wang Tongfang from RT-Mart in 2007 he moved to love to buy one of the priorities is moved forward the time of the anniversary. Love to buy the kinds of goods low prices "title captured let superstore anniversary celebrate love to buy the first open run", "love to buy summer killed a month the fight by Zhongyuan first", "the superstore years in Qing started selling. Layout largest newspaper, found that early retractable banner marketing can really drive the topic, stimulate discussion, and increase brand exposure and business opportunities.
The second measure to be accurate: meet the trend of the times

Business Week in March 2003, "a American two world series of reports, dig a widening wealth gap in US, I do not know shocked how many people's hearts. Inside as described in the Nantou County mayor small, unlike the majority of urban children free school talent, there is no time to play; her scorching sun daily, morning to evening, to help my father planted yam, ginger, pineapple, these crops a year in exchange for cash but not to NT $ 20 million, not even enough for her to go to school. One day she squatted pineapple garden, staring at the pineapple straight Leng Leng daze, Grandma asked what she was doing, she replied "I asked the pineapple when grow up, looking forward to the pineapple harvest the day, and that they can go to school .
Was responsible for planning Darunfa Wang Tongfang immediately closely this atmosphere of caring for the disadvantaged, the slogan "small yam such as Daddy's way out, Darunfa path will gradually arrive" play within a month, with help small as busy. Yam stock, sold out two days. Wang Tongfang realized, marketing must keen attention to current events, thinking all the time how leveraging the power, so that the sales multiplier.
Financial tsunami struck in 2008, the love to buy leading other path, seize the opportunity to set up anti-up area, launched 10 yuan bread and $ 39 pork cutlet, the Lu Ji legs Fish defecation when. 2009 government-issued coupons to encourage consumption, Geant heard the news, as early as November 2008, they set up a marketing team to catch this wave of enthusiasm, promotions launched "Your hair three thousand six hundred, I sent thirty-six thousand", and vendors Cooperation feedback vouchers issued 30,006 worth of goods, is to grab the money in the first hand. Then RT-Mart, Carrefour, love to buy three hypermarkets path, only love to buy the results of a substantial growth.
Saw the opportunity to make early preparations, love to buy the key to success. Wang Tongfang love to buy one payment of goods feedback coupons, immediately attracted media coverage, interbank anxious hopping. Come because the coupon love to buy has been sent to the other path can only be throwing money at advertising, costing at least tens of millions of entire marketing budget suddenly depleted, it is not worth; as good as any time to pay attention to current events in a search for a marketing opportunity benefits.
The third measure to be ruthless: speak loudly

If you are a media reporter, when the superstore business, in addition to 39 yuan lunch and convenience store car revealed that the upcoming fight, also coordinates cooks now do fresh dishes, the even scales also sent to the front, so you actually compare the two sides bento weight, even where NEWS point the envisaged comprehensive, you do it or not this news? Love to buy creative practice yourself on the front page of the China Times.
Wang Tongfang that the brand marketing "cruel" speech Pacific Shun not received attention, it is best to set up an imaginary enemy, who sell good lookin challenge. Love to buy all the branches established in US cosmeceutical store shop in 2010, made a call to the Watsons, Cosmed under gauntlet, grab billion dollar cosmeceutical industry opportunities. She observed interested in digital media can not reach one hundred billion performance is not so important, what matters is the digital Hande, marked out, "Who dares to speak loudly, feeling he is relatively large; You do not speak on must be marginalized. "
Fourth trick: create identity

Short-term promotions can quickly increase brand awareness, ascribed the results, but would like to retain consumers, or want to create a brand image that people may feel identity. Far East's love to buy, the source of the spirit of the brand, but unfortunately the situation is in the land of US Features:. Far Eastern Group Chairman Douglas Hsu driver already retired, but the old driver Douglas Hsu reluctant to leave him to stay and help drive. General meeting of the Group for the six decades, Douglas Hsu personally holding services in the company two to three decades older employees, and brought them on stage to praise. Love to buy, this internal spirit, plus love to buy discount pathway only local brands, and cherish their culture and the care of the ground from the Far East, it is natural to become the core of the spirit of the brand.
Retractable Banner Stand marketing is the most taboo is the brand image is not clear, and customer base can not generate a link. Love to buy a hit to the ground, and others clearly separated, can the original "care about the image of US consumers ─ ─ because you care so willing to provide more fresh goods, cheaper prices, more intimate service. Establish this layer logic, love to buy to position itself as a humane hypermarkets aim to provide practical service, marketing strategies also from the fulcrum.
Since I stress, the selling point is the marketing of products from US. Love to buy agricultural promotion, flaunt origin sent straight to take care of US farmers at an affordable price, while providing consumers the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables, annual sales growth of more than 30% since 2007 to promote the "crazy", and stability brought 15 % to 20% growth in number of visitors. Egg yolk cake, followed by the launch of the newly constructed sesame the Li Ting Hong mung bean cakes pill Chuang soy sauce, Hsinchu Fuyuan peanut butter US's century-old commodities, Dazhi shop was established in 2010, Monopoly US Excellence the MIT living museum, in the spirit of the brand , care about the core concern. Even the documentary "No Miller Queensland Bin primary champion meters love to buy and buy.

"American Week" marketing "Fun US" program, for example, Darunfa discount stores in 2001 to promote, in order to cope with the cherry production period in July, "Fun US" is the first step, starting this month, it is hoped to lead the trend , to seize the initiative. Such arrangements behind a little careful machine: June results can be ascribed to success in creating the atmosphere of a large "love US", launched in July weeks superstore business in the United States, is not like enough "patriotic"?
Fifth trick will pick: Featured endorsement

Speaking of patriotism, the image of the local community, the following name most people are familiar with: because of the movie "Cape popular Old Mao, the local drama days after Chen Mei-feng, presided Big Sister in beauty. And they have served as a spokesperson love to buy.
Consumers tend to love to buy a set, the married women 35-49 years old: the group budgeting want Housewares time under one roof, and they do not want to sacrifice the quality of life; They may be housewives, may also be in the workplace battles valuable time . Therefore love to buy in 2008-2010 launched three advertising on each other to "an easy, one-stop shopping" concept runs through Old Mao, Chen Mei-feng, Yu Mei-three spokesmen affinity, in the image of, and very can echo the spirit of love to buy the brand.
The ideal spokesperson not only in line with the brand image, but also to let the merchandise speak; government officials can go to have a credible endorsement undoubtedly hanging merchandise quality assurance. Love to buy in 2007, "crazy", on the invitation of the former COA chairman Su Jia shooting manual, local fresh fruits and vegetables recommended by the public, while looking forward to open up new paths for love to buy in wholesalers to reduce the exploitation of farmers. Su Jia endorsement ten classic fruit series love to buy, according to statistics, domestic fruits and a three percent increase in turnover for the year.
With previous successful experience as the first certified by the Government for the love of the green store bought, organized green STORE anniversary of the eve of the World Earth Day in 2009, they invited the EPA director Chen Shihong site, to encourage green consumption. In 2010, the first boutiques MIT living museum selected in love buy Dajhih shop opening, Minister of Economic Affairs Shih Yen-hsiang also appeared endorsement recommend "love US goods coming love to buy.
, However, be able to go to the so many heavyweight spokesperson, means that love to buy not only closely observe the trend of the times, of doing homework, well-prepared by the special issue of the production of goods, opening up the sales area to show sincerity to convince Riliwanji officials to help out. From fast, aggressive, accurate policy enforcement, to be established in the spirit, carefully selected spokesmen, is not difficult to find love to buy flexible marketing wrist, in fact, consistent intentions based services, as well as the brand's strict self-requirements .