Mobile internet brings business opportunities even your buyer is outdoor

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The mobile internet has become the US trend of the future, but if you want the outdoor mobile Internet behavior more popular, in addition to the hardware and services, the content can not be overlooked key. Observed to become more convenient with the mobile Internet, the demand of the users of the services also gradually improve, However, due to the network services industry, it is difficult to integrate the information tried to please everyone, so open to the concept of resource sharing is to flourish.
The concept of "open" to open a new era of network services
What is the concept of "open"? Whether mobile phone use interface or content providers, in fact, must be performed by an engineer writing program syntax can be successfully presented in the mobile phone for consumers. Content and syntax of these services in the past by different content providers own R & D provided not only the high investment cost, content items are often more limited, and their contents and syntax incompatible, consumers use inconvenience.
In order to US new content faster and launch more customized, caring service, "open" concept gradually rise through the program syntax public, to share, to play the spirit of Web2.0, set all power to your phone Internet use more convenient, more interesting and diverse. Don't forget the power of traditional promotional tools:
In addition to Internet content providers, the opening of the program syntax behalf of all program users writing ability, and are easy to write, or to establish a related program for consumer use. There are some interesting applications, for example, the subway schedules in the United States and Britain have openly San Francisco and London Bus schedules, allows users of mobile Internet Keep traffic information, these services are to use initiative to collect information, write code based on these industry public then publicly shared on the network, to the benefit of the users need.
The set crowd spontaneously common creation, USment of power is quite amazing, with the mobile Internet entered this new milestone, can foresee the future there will be more new and interesting features or services, waiting for you to discover. Of course, these spontaneous users and content or service providers to US a variety of convenient and useful information, Internet content services will be more close to the heart, but also the willingness of consumers will use mobile Internet greatly enhance and accelerate action Internet USment and business opportunities.