Joint venture application of Yahoo and Firefox

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Yahoo! Canada with Firefox Cooperative service territory extends to the browser
Yahoo! Asia-Pacific Managing Director TSOU Kai-Lien, Rose said, Yahoo! supports the development of the Firefox browser, Firefox users can access all services and products on the Yahoo! site, enjoy a better quality of Internet experience. Furthermore, this year by Yahoo! Canada Firefox Firefox open to closer cross-industry cooperation.

Yahoo! Canada implement the "starting point" and "open" Yahoo! global strategy, will be welcomed by users in US localization Top Service, an extension to the Firefox browser. They want to do where users and the Yahoo! Kimo service where. Hope to meet a wider variety of network services use habits Regardless of the setting so users can quickly access to the Yahoo! network services. US and Firefox cooperation mode, more is expected in the future be extended to other Asia-Pacific region.
The Zou Kailian further Yahoo! Kimo constantly through innovative research and development, cross-industry cooperation, expectations in all areas can be provided directly to Yahoo! services, such as the launch of the 2006 real-time desktop gadget "Widget", was launched in 2007, instant mini pen "desktop translation software, launched in May this year," Yahoo! Kimo input method ".
Yahoo! webmaster tools found technology personnel favorite Firefox usage up 20%
Network Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Mozilla (Mozilla Online Ltd), Chairman and CEO of Gong Li said that the development of Internet services in US is maturing, and the courage to try new technology development, Mozilla fairly valued market operators in US. Yahoo! Kimo has many local services, this cooperation with Yahoo!, hope more users understand the Firefox browser. Yahoo! Canada Firefox using Firefox latest version 3.0 browser, and the stored number to Yahoo! 's popular services and localization services, I hope the design concept of the new browser and user-friendly interface, and provide US closer demand Service.
The Yahoo! Kimo Firefox new experience the Internet the first time link in the popular service
US users open the browser will be able to immediately link to Yahoo! Yahoo! Kimo Firefox provides complete services. The new service features include:

1. Provide to Yahoo! search function contains seven services (search, knowledge + auction unnamed audio-visual dictionary, life + map).

2. Provide real-time news menu and RSS news, politics, entertainment, international, financial, social, sports and other hot news.

3. "Yahoo! Kimo services" list, to provide a variety of services 10 links, including popular services Webmaster Tools.

4. Open the bottom right of the browser interface, providing the latest Big Four the Yahoo! Search standings (Popular burst of red, knowledge + blog) and nameless Audio ago top five popular videos.

5. Default Yahoo! Search Home is on the Home screen of the browser, and to Yahoo! Home link.

6. Built-in to Yahoo! Toolbar contains Internet bookmarks, web page translation, anti-spyware functions.