Bluetooth becomes a new marketing tool that phase out banner stands

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In recent years, the digital marketing media flourish, according to many of the data shows, the Internet media has emerged as the second largest media after television, even, many large-scale marketing campaign media arrangements are "network" as the main consumer contact to close the net platform.
But for the marketing people often arrange Internet media, network activity can only draw, trial product, play games, collecting friends reputation ... these tactics frequently used it? Internet media can also be integrated with other media, to expand the marketing effectiveness? Here to share an integrated camera function of the phone and Bluetooth technology, outdoor banner stand billboards, and even extending the network platform for creative stories!
Photographic features, outdoor banner stand billboards I believe we are not unfamiliar, but Bluetooth technology should be less use of technology, Bluetooth, in the tenth century AD, Norway Viking King Harald (Harald bud Danish text, quite English bluetooth) unified Denmark to become the hero of the Vikings, and later Sony Ericsson will be a new radio interface Project named "Bluetooth", probably hope to become a world unified interface specifications by Bluetooth standard, while Bluetooth translation change "Bluetooth", perhaps to look more elegant!
Bluetooth is an application between computers, mobile phones, and other appliances on wireless transmission technology, the device can communicate with each other through the chip, without going through the cable transmission. Bluetooth is not just a faster, farther, more secure, more convenient way network transmission; important, Bluetooth is a common standard, communications, information, consumer electronic media such as The portable device, you can use a language with each other freely communicate with each other to send the the broadband message, to break the communication barrier between the 3C products.
Since Bluetooth is so convenient, the marketing people how to communicate with consumers? An interesting case is that the Hong Kong airport and Motorola (Motorola) phone industry cooperative campaign, visitors receive a brand message, interesting and immediate interaction. How in the end they create a highly topical and dissemination of effective?
First, the departure hall in Hong Kong to set up a Bluetooth base station and an electronic Kanban, all departing passengers through the base station, the base station will issue a detection signal, the search for a Bluetooth phone device and asked not to participate in the activities, when departing passengers answered: "Yes, you can start to participate in the activities.
Step1: take a photograph using a mobile phone, using Bluetooth transfer to the active Line.

Step2: Electronic Kanban traveler photos.

Step3: After the transfer is successful, the system uses Bluetooth phone send audio and video advertising to travelers with travelers, there is Beckham say goodbye, and look forward to travelers to visit Hong Kong again!

After the end of the event, in addition to the number of participants is very much more for Motorola bring the benefits of a strong brand, but also become a topic of Digital Marketing Success Stories. Starcom In addition to the combination of phone and Bluetooth technology, electronic banner stands, if coupled with a network platform even more complete departing travelers to upload all the photos can be seen on all the network, it can also be extended activities effective it? Looking forward to the marketing contribution smarter creative.