Mobile internet brings business opportunities even your buyer is outdoor

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The mobile internet has become the US trend of the future, but if you want the outdoor mobile Internet behavior more popular, in addition to the hardware and services, the content can not be overlooked key. Observed to become more convenient with the mobile Internet, the demand of the users of the services also gradually improve, However, due to the network services industry, it is difficult to integrate the information tried to please everyone, so open to the concept of resource sharing is to flourish.

Joint venture application of Yahoo and Firefox

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Yahoo! Canada with Firefox Cooperative service territory extends to the browser
Yahoo! Asia-Pacific Managing Director TSOU Kai-Lien, Rose said, Yahoo! supports the development of the Firefox browser, Firefox users can access all services and products on the Yahoo! site, enjoy a better quality of Internet experience. Furthermore, this year by Yahoo! Canada Firefox Firefox open to closer cross-industry cooperation.

Yahoo! Canada implement the "starting point" and "open" Yahoo! global strategy, will be welcomed by users in US localization Top Service, an extension to the Firefox browser. They want to do where users and the Yahoo! Kimo service where. Hope to meet a wider variety of network services use habits Regardless of the setting so users can quickly access to the Yahoo! network services. US and Firefox cooperation mode, more is expected in the future be extended to other Asia-Pacific region.

Bluetooth becomes a new marketing tool that phase out banner stands

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In recent years, the digital marketing media flourish, according to many of the data shows, the Internet media has emerged as the second largest media after television, even, many large-scale marketing campaign media arrangements are "network" as the main consumer contact to close the net platform.
But for the marketing people often arrange Internet media, network activity can only draw, trial product, play games, collecting friends reputation ... these tactics frequently used it? Internet media can also be integrated with other media, to expand the marketing effectiveness? Here to share an integrated camera function of the phone and Bluetooth technology, outdoor banner stand billboards, and even extending the network platform for creative stories!